Bummer! We regret to inform you that Mira Cube hotel will no longer open. Should you wish to amend or cancel your reservations made with Mira Cube, please CONTACT US, and one of our dedicated customer service specialists will get back to you soon.

If you are looking for stylish and comfortable accommodation in Tsimshatsui, please CLICK HERE to book our flagship hotel, The Mira Hong Kong.

感謝您對Mira Cube酒店的支持! 請注意Mira Cube酒店將不會開業。如欲更改或取消Mira Cube的酒店訂房,請即聯絡我們,客戶服務專員將盡快與您聯繫。 想要預訂香港尖沙咀別具型格的時尚住宿﹖我們的旗艦酒店The Mira Hong Kong將是您的理想之選,請按此了解更多。

感谢您对Mira Cube酒店的支持! 请注意Mira Cube酒店将不会开业。如欲更改或取消Mira Cube的酒店订房,请即按此,客户服务专员将尽快与您联系。 想要预订香港尖沙咀别具型格的时尚住宿? 我们的旗舰酒店The Mira Hong Kong将是您的理想之选,请按此了解更多。